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Dear Visitor!


Please be advised with below company copyright policy rules in order you would like to use company content (text materials, images etc.) on your resources, publications, distributions or etc.


It is allowed to use in your purpose any content in accordance with following conditions:


  1. Author full name (if applicable) and company name “GasServStroy” LLP Gas Technology must be included in any published or used content as it is presented on site Any misrepresentation or distortion of the author and company is prohibited!
  2. Information and image content must not be modified or changed during the publication material usage. All site content must remain as it is indicated on site. You do not have any rights to modify, change or do any other activities that is able to distort used content materials. If it is vitally important you can request to site administrator. It is prohibited to modified any site content without written permission of the “GasServStroy” LLP company Top Manager.
  3. At the end of the used content you must indicate the company site web link
  4. Site web link must be operable (any person who clicks on web link has to go to the company web site If you used any content material, you must check the web link.
  5. All company site content must not be used in any commercial purpose without written permission of the “GasServStroy” LLP Company Top Manager. Company site content information also must not be limited.
  6. It is prohibited to use any company site content in pornography purposes or any other purposes that are able negatively to effect on company reputation.