Modular packed equipment

“GasServStroy” LLP Company provides all modular construction equipment with high level of prefabrication. Supply of modular equipment implies a completed equipment package such as compressor stations, that is fully equipped by all the necessary components at the packaging factory.

Storage Tanks

“GasServStroy” LLP Company supplies all tanks equipment to storage any type of process medium. Storage equipment is an essential part of any gas processing unit.

Low temperature separation

“GasServStroy” LLP Company supplies the low-temperature separation. Presently it is the most common used technology solution that serves to reduce the dew point to the desired value.

Compressor equipment

The compressor unit is the heart of any gas processing unit, one of the key piece of technology process and if it stops or not working properly the whole process is shut down. Compressors Supplier selection is an important point, considering that all facility operation and company profits depend on compressor work stability.

Flare system

“GasServStroy” LLP Company supplies any type of flare systems. Every Gas Processing Unit must have a Flare system in case of emergency pressure relief from technological system.

Pipeline equipment

“GasServStroy” LLP Company supplies pipeline equipment and components such as valves, flanges, pipes, fittings and others... Pipeline equipment connects all technological units (skids) in one entire system.

Pump stations

Our Company   supplies the any type and size of pump stations on the basis of volumetric or dynamic pumps. Pump station is always presented in Gas Process Unit and plays a big role due to any Unit has liquid that is involved in technology process. We work with companies who have proven themselves as reliable suppliers and manufacturers of pumping stations.

Refrigeration Units

“GasServStroy” LLP Company supplies the refrigerating units using any coolant agent in order to reach any minus temperature.

Automated Control System

“GasServStroy” LLP Company supplies all equipment included in automated control system such as a controller equipment, instruments, fire and gas detection system, fire alarm system and others...

Separation and filtration equipment

“GasServStroy” LLP supplies all type of separation and filtration equipment. The separation and filtration process is the part of any technology and required in any Gas Processing Unit by regulations due to it performs critically important function.

Heat medium unit

“GasServStroy” LLP Company supplies heat medium unit equipment base on any medium agent. Heat medium unit is the main heating source that provides neat energy for technological process.


“GasServStroy” LLP Company supplies all chemicals used in the technological process. Every Gas Processing Unit includes chemicals due to it is necessary for technological process as it performs very important functions.

Column equipment

“GasServStroy” LLP Company   supplies all column equipment (based on tray or packed) for fractionation, rectification and stabilization by means of physical processes of mass transfer.

Absorption and adsorption equipment

“GasServStroy” LLP Company supplies equipment for gas dehydration using liquid (absorption type) or solid (adsorption type) sorbents. We suggest you the best technological solution based on our extensive experience in gas dehydration technology.