Compressor equipment

The compressor unit is the heart of any gas processing unit, one of the key piece of technology process and if it stops or not working properly the whole process is shut down. Compressors Supplier selection is an important point, considering that all facility operation and company profits depend on compressor work stability. We work with various companies that package and supply different types of compressors:    ARIEL compressors with drive Waukesha or Caterpillar, HAFI Engineering & Consulting, GEA Refrigeration Technologies, Vilter, Cameron, General Electric and other companies...

We supply all types of compressor stations on the basis of reciprocating, screw and centrifugal compressors designed for any purpose:

  • Booster compressor stations;
  • Refrigeration compressor stations;
  • Feed gas compressor stations;
  • Fuel gas compressor stations;
  • Instrument air compressor stations;
  • And others…

We can carry out the supply of compressor stations on EPC terms and conditions, that include: delivery, installation, commissioning, startup and maintenance: