Separation and filtration equipment

“GasServStroy” LLP supplies all type of separation and filtration equipment. The separation and filtration process is the part of any technology and required in any Gas Processing Unit by regulations due to it performs critically important function. 

 “GasServStroy” LLP supplies separation and filtration equipment as follows:

  • Separating tank for gas and liquid separation;
  • Centrifugal separators;
  • 3-phase separators;
  • Filter separators;
  • The low temperature separators;
  • Coalescing filters;
  • Dry filters;
  • Coal and bag filters;

 The most important advantage of the separators and filters is to extend the equipment service life time by cleaning gases or liquids from a variety of mechanical impurities, water, emulsions and other pollutants that shorten the service life time.

Separation and filtration equipment affects negatively reduce the efficiency of the equipment as follows:

  • Acceleration of corrosion of the vessel walls and apparatus in the presence of oxidants such as water and oxygen;
  • Plugging, e.g., valve or bubble cap tray columns, which reduces efficiency and leads to the replacement of the column tray equipment;
  • Failure of the pipeline valves due to contact with scale and other solids in the valve seat;
  • Foam formation in columns due to large amounts of water or heavy hydrocarbons;
  • And many others;

 Our Company   will select all needed separation and filtration equipment for your technology.