Column equipment

GasServStroy” LLP Company   supplies all column equipment (based on tray or packed) for fractionation, rectification and stabilization by means of physical processes of mass transfer. 

Column equipment is the primary equipment to distillate products by means of mass transfer process. There is column equipment in any Gas Processing Unit that performs on of the key distillation process: fractionation, rectification and stabilization.

The following products are distillated in column equipment:

  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG);
  • Dry natural gas;
  • Fuel gas;
  • Stable condensate;
  • Broad fraction of light hydrocarbon (LPG);
  • Propane-butane mixture (LPG);
  • Ethane fraction;
  • Propane Technical;
  • Butane Technical;
  • Stable Gasoline;
  • And any other hydrocarbon, which is necessary to obtain a separate form.

Supplied by our Company column equipment works with a high degree of efficiency and will produce high quality products in any quantity.