Refrigeration Units

“GasServStroy” LLP Company supplies the refrigerating units using any coolant agent in order to reach any minus temperature.

Refrigerating units are supplied with the following composition:

  • Screw compressor stations for compression process with local control panel;
  • Scrubbers for the liquid separation at the compressor inlet;
  • Air coolers to cool down the refrigerant;
  • Refrigerant storage tanks;
  • Process medium and refrigerant Heat exchangers for contact process;
  • Economizer;
  • Throttle valves.

Refrigeration systems are supplied on the basis of any refrigeration agent as follows:

  • Ethan;
  • Propane;
  • Bhutan;
  • Freon;
  • And others...

The Refrigeration Unit is used to reduce water and hydrocarbon dew point of the products less than (minus) - 20 0C. Our Company supplies all necessary to achieve the necessary dew point.