Our Company supplies the complex solutions of gas liquefying process that have already be completed by our company. Our experienced experts develop the best technological solution in accordance

Our logistic department will find the best way to deliver any equipment to your site on time based on the most beneficial delivery terms and conditions.

As a rule, recently employed personnel are inexperienced workers who just graduated from university and in this case operation personnel training is required in order to be familiar with technology

Almost any Gas Processing Unit has LPG storage that plays a key role in technological process. Our Company supplies the LPG storage equipment for any process medium to be stored.  Our skilled

There are all necessary construction / installation specialists and equipment in our company in order to construct your future project completely on time.

“GasServStroy” LLP technical specialists never leave Client’s operation personnel after completion of the service. There are always any questions arisen during the first time after Unit Startup and in this

“GasServStroy” LLP will develop the best technological solution based on high automatization level applying modern technology with reduced operational costs as less as possible. it is very important to

Our technical specialists properly perform commissioning works of any technological equipment on site and accomplish equipment adjustments in order to automate the whole technological process.

Our company provides a warranty for all performed service.

“GasServStroy” LLP also develops and provides all set of project design documentation in compliance with all regulations for the Client. Any Gas Unit initially must be properly designed on paper prior to

Any equipment requires to be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer technical requirements.

Our Company accomplishes projects regarding the Associated Gas Dehydration Unit, Natural Gas Dehydration Unit on EPC terms and conditions. We are experienced in technology development and equipment supplier selection.