LPG Storage

Almost any Gas Processing Unit has LPG storage that plays a key role in technological process. Our Company supplies the LPG storage equipment for any process medium to be stored.  Our skilled automation specialists develop a reliable automation system that provides very stable and safe operation during the technological process.  

LPG storage is required in any Gas Processing Unit according to Regulations in order to store the LPG products after liquefying. A correct LPG storage design and development allows unit to be operated continuously in case there is a delay with product sales or distribution.

The LPG storage is one of the most dangerous spot within Gas Processing Unit due to there is the biggest gas amount gathered in it and in case of emergency serious consequences might be arisen. Base on requirements high level LPG storage equipment and automation system must operate properly avoiding any error occurrence during the storage or filling processes of LPG.

We have a partnership with LPG storage equipment manufacturers and suppliers that are very experienced in designing and producing of LPG storage equipment.