Technology development

“GasServStroy” LLP will develop the best technological solution based on high automatization level applying modern technology with reduced operational costs as less as possible. it is very important to select correct technological solution and equipment considering that there is a strong relationship regarding the operation personnel safety and equipment working life period. Presently we have partnership with different manufacturers and suppliers around the world. Our specialists easily develop and select any types of equipment that will completely meet all standards and client’s requirements with further production of high quality products of any quantity. 

The first step of any project is the overall technology concept development of the future project. The final products quality and quantity completely depend on technology concept development.

We have the following approach to the overall technology concept development:

  1. Customer provides initial data and product requirements;
  2. Our Process Engineers develop several technology options base on initial data and choose one that completely meets customer requirements;
  3. After development we summarize all information and transfer it to Customer for approval;

Thus project concept development is realized. Every development step is coordinated with Customer in order to meet Customer requirements.