Design Engineering

“GasServStroy” LLP also develops and provides all set of project design documentation in compliance with all regulations for the Client. Any Gas Unit initially must be properly designed on paper prior to construction or installation activities due to the overall project realization completely depends on the quality of developed project design documentation. Project design documentation is the highest priority project part as it is a foundation for all next following activities up to the end of the project.

Design documentation development has the following stages:

  • Site preparation activities. Ground site of the equipment foundations area is explored in order to prepare ground soil for equipment installation. This is key activity due to current basic decision influences on unit safety and lifetime operation period due to all equipment is installed on the foundations that depend on the soil preparation activities. Poor soil quality preparation is able to lead to the foundation and pipeline deformation as a result that might break pipelines or any other consequences;
  • Supplier equipment specification supervision;
  • All systems hookup. Connection of all system based on customer technical condition requirements;
  • Provision of project design documentation:
  • Overall project supervision during the construction, installation and commissioning works;

Our design engineers responsibly and strictly monitor the project quality realization of every stage in order to avoid any deviation and non-compliance of the design documentation.