Construction and installation service

There are all necessary construction / installation specialists and equipment in our company in order to construct your future project completely on time.

We fully control and carry out construction and installation work of all project equipment.

Our construction engineers are fully involved in process to control the quality of construction and installation works of the project equipment and others in order to avoid any defects or project design deviations during the commissioning or startup activities that might influence on overall project realization time.

Our experts are always ready to share our experience with you and advise you regarding any issue related to equipment mounting or installation.

Construction and installation works include:

Soil preparation for foundations;

  1. Equipment foundations preparation and installation;
  2. Equipment installation on foundations;
  3. Equipment pipelines preparation;
  4. Cables lay out and connections;
  5. All equipment leak test;
  6. Equipment air purging and cleaning;
  7. Site cleanup after construction and installation works to prepare site for commissioning activities.

We are ready to provide current service for you and guarantee that all construction and installation works will be performed in compliance with all Regulations and Customer’s requirements.