Our technical specialists properly perform commissioning works of any technological equipment on site and accomplish equipment adjustments in order to automate the whole technological process.

We perform all testing activities in full loading mode with products production requested by Customer.

Commissioning activities require a high level skills and knowledge to startup equipment properly with further operation.

Commissioning includes the following activities:

  • Electrical equipment testing;
  • Mechanical equipment testing and adjustment;
  • Coupling alignment of compressor and pump equipment;
  • Instruments equipment testing and setting;
  • Valves testing;
  • Functional testing of all equipment;
  • Automation system testing;
  • Сhemicals make up (heat medium, glycols, oil compressors, antifreeze, etc. ...);
  • All system purging;
  • Equipment startup.

We startup all equipment in idle mode as soon as all equipment initially tested and prepared. Full 100% loading test takes place on this stage with further products production of established quality during 72 hours. All technology parameters are being adjusted during loading test.

Our company transfer all Unit operation documentation after all tests are completed.