Gas dehydration


Our Company accomplishes projects regarding the Associated Gas Dehydration Unit, Natural Gas Dehydration Unit on EPC terms and conditions. We are experienced in technology development and equipment supplier selection.

Presently gas dehydration process is one of the most popular and essential in order to extract moisture from gas avoiding further hydrates formation during the gas transportation process in pipelines. Currently gas dehydration is an obligatory natural gas requirement regulated by rules and standards.

We offer the variety of technological solutions that will be realized in order to reduce gas dew point using the minimum required equipment and low operational costs. Our automation system will be completely automated as much as possible that will reduce the operation personnel quantity due to all technological and safety process’s functions are fully automated.

We realize gas dehydration process by different solutions:

  • Absorption Unit. This is a water absorption process is performed by means of liquid sorbent, such as any types of glycols;
  • Adsorption Unit. This is a water absorption process is performed by means of solid sorbent, such as: zeolites or absorbent carbon.
  • Low-temperature Separation Unit. That is the process where water and heavy hydrocarbons are extracted by means of work environment temperature drop up to a certain value using the refrigeration unit.

We will dehydrate the gas up to the necessary dew point depending on your requirements.

We develop the most relevant and practical technology that will effectively influence on gas product quality with low operation costs.